For bread bakeries


We would like to present a special offer that we have for bread bakeries:

- Pre-fabricated moulds for yeast proofing (made of polyamide sieve cloth, various cell sizes and different mould sizes available on request). The moulds (see the photo attached) cost EUR 7.90 apiece + VAT (price discounts available depending on the quantity of products ordered).

-  Special gauntlets made of fire-proof tarpaulin (we shall provide a quotation of prices upon request, depending on the quantity ordered).

-Rubber cloth aprons, 115 cm in length (green or beige colour), price: EUR 8.90 apiece + VAT.

- Fire-proof tarpaulin (density: 500 g/m2, width: 90 cm, composition: linen 50% + cotton 50%), price starting from EUR 1.99 per metre + VAT, depending on the quantity ordered.

- High density cotton fabrics (we shall provide a quotation of prices upon request).

- Polyamide sieve cloth (aperture size from 50 to 1,300 microns) (we shall provide a quotation of prices upon request).

- Gauze fabric, lavsan, cotton sheeting.

- Waffle fabric for towels. Colour: white, width: 45 cm, density: 220 g/m2. Price: EUR 0.85 per metre.  We also manufacture towels.

- Special-purpose fabrics for cleaning industrial premises (prices starting from EUR 0.35 per metre), a wide selection of fabrics at the best prices.

Courier delivery within 24 hours.



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